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Wedding Etiquette Question...

I need help.

I'm in the stages of hard core planning on the wedding. I'm trying to get everything I can booked by 03/12 so that way I have exactly 1 year to the day to pay off as much as I can. One of the many questions I've been asked over the past week or so is,

"Are you going to have alcohol at your reception?"

My answer to this is yes, however, I'm unsure exactly how to go about this. My fiance and I have discussed the type of reception we want and the more I think about it, we're looking at a late afternoon/early evening reception so I don't think a fully stocked bar fits into that equation. Also, the reception venue I'm looking at now only offers Beer Wine and Champagne. I was thinking of purchasing a keg of beer from my reception venue and offering that plus Champagne for the cocktail hour and toast. Wine will be available but as a cash bar.

Is that tacky? It's not a full on cash bar but also not a free for all on the alcohol either.
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Close your eyes...cause this is really happening.

We found the place we're going to get married this weekend. It was the first place I've looked at in person, not on the internet, and when we left there I knew this was it. It's reasonable, and very much in our price range and did I mention that it's absolutely stunning. I know it's early, and I've got plenty of time but at least I know where we're going to get married. That's the huge thing I can check off my list. Here are some pictures :-)

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Let's start at the beginning...

Wow...I haven't updated this thing in....blah blah blah.

It's not like I've never said that before lol!

I've missed you Livejournal :-) I told myself I wasn't going to come back here until I had something to say...and now I do.

Lots and lots of things actually.

The first of which, for those of you who don't know...I'm engaged. My boyfriend of 9 months asked me to marry him on Monday and we've set our wedding date for March 12, 2011. I wanted a longer engagement because if I'm going to have a wedding (something I thought I'd NEVER do) then I'm going to do it right and that means I need time to pay for it.

Anyway, I've sort of been thinking about taking my Livejournal in a bit of a new direction. I got into Livejournal because of fandom. I love fandom, and being a part of fandom and that is never going to change but...I'm not great at writing about it. It's certainly safe to say that there are people out there who are much better than I am.

So...I was thinking...why not turn my Livejournal into a wedding blog? I need an outlet. The wedding is over a year away and I feel like I'm driving my sister and cousins crazy. I don't know where to start or what to do and feel like if I don't start the beginning stages of planning now, it's going to sneak up on my and then I'm screwed. Also, this is an easy way for me share information with my and Travis' out of town family members and friends and also a good way for me to archive things like our engagment pictures, stories etc. Most of the entries will be public...unless it's something I don't want to get back to Travis (ie: pictures of my dress). I will put longer entries and pictures under a Live Journal cut for courtesy.

So anyway...I guess there's no time like the present. So...Let's start at the beginning.

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All these things that I've done....

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Celebration.


Because I'm one of the 6 schmucks at work that actually decided it would be a good idea to come in to work today...I'm getting paid to post on Live Journal, and make playlists on my iPod....picture me sleeping.  I know I shouldn't complain...I could be stressed out of my mind getting screamed at constantly but truthfully...I would prefer to be busy.  If I'm not busy...I would prefer to be home, unpacking my still boxy room and cleaning because it's starting to look like a hobo lives in my bed when I'm not home.
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Thank you, thank you :-)

cee_m, you are awesome! Thank you so much for being the fantastical friend that you are. I can't tell you how much I loves you!

I wanted to also say a quick thank you to:


Thank you so much for all of the goodies you guys got together for me. I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to me. Thank you for making it a little easier for me to smile this week.
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Help for a sick little girl.

Got this from sdwolfpup Please take a look:

counteragent 's little sister-in-law, Jenny, is very sick. It would be so wonderful if you could take a quick moment (just like 3 minutes) to check out her family's blog (http://jenjensfamily.blogspot.com/) and see if you think you might know anyone like Jenny. They are looking for "comparables" (people who have similar symptoms) that may have had success with treatments Jenny's docs haven't yet tried.

They would also really appreciate it if you post about this on your blog and thus help them spread the word.

In addition, counteragent has made a really beautiful video in tribute to her sister and their current struggles. It really speaks to the power of hope and the comfort of family. I recommend downloading the high-quality version; it's worth it.